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Who is Valley Boy? 

My name is Erik Himmelsbach-Weinstein. I live in Sherman Oaks. I spent the bulk of my childhood in the San Fernando Valley. After leaving the Valley for good (I thought) in 1984, I spent time in Berkeley, Ann Arbor, New York, Los Feliz and Hancock Park-adjacent. When it was time to raise a family, I moved back -- with my wife and then 1-year-old-son in tow. We've lived in Valley Glen, Valley Village and Studio City. 

Ths Valley Boy column began in 2003 in the pages of a now-defunct weekly newspaper  called Citybeat.  I wrote roughly 50 columns between 2003 and 2005 before my inspiration fizzled out. Soon after, I began a blog called Valley Boy, which has remained mostly dead for the past six years. The content that appears here will be both old and new. My Citybeat  columns have no digital landing spot and I am mostly resusitating the site in order for my columns to have a home for eternity. 

I also hope to opine on new stuff every so often, so come back often to see what's happening. 

You can leave comments below the posts, but you can also email me directly at, with questions, comments and book proposals. 

Dig it. 


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